Technology for Business DevelopmentStudents of AMF is increasing their volunteer and member base by integrating their Wordpress website and Salesforce CRM

MCforNC is a nonprofit that helps social enterprises create change. Here's how we do it:

Web Presence

MCforNC can provide your organization a professionally-designed website, affordable webhosting, and provide training and continued support for any changes you need.

Cloud Databases

MCforNC can help you choose the right cloud-based database for your organization and customize it to suit your organization's needs.

Workflow Solutions

MCforNC provides technical advice, IT setup, and workflow solutions tailored to suit your organization's needs.

Strategic Consulting

MCforNC helps you determine useful metrics for your organization, and can help develop a concrete plan of action for your stated goals.

What our Clients are Saying

  • “The project would not have been done without MCforNC. MCforNC was very patient with our all volunteer schedules and were very competative with their pricing since we are a non-profit.” – PJ Conger, Community Project Coordinator, Hope Reins

  • “I honestly don't know how I ever would have been able to figure out Salesforce on my own. I just don't have the time to devote to it. MCforNC has saved us time and money and I couldn't be any more grateful.” – Laura Helton, Volunteer Coordinator, Justice Matters

  • “MCforNC is a great time saver in research. In a one person office we don't have the research capacity.” – Mary MCGuigan, Executive Director of Genesis Home

  • “Thank you, thank you, thank you! We have received so many compliments on our new website, all thanks to you.” – Alyson Culin, Development & Marketing Directors at OCRCC

  • “Our website would not be here if it weren't for this partnership! We needed the expertise as well as the cost effective solutions that MCforNC provided. ” – Arielle Cutrara, Manager, BlessDurham

  • “Our experience was a tremendous benefit. The work that the group did is such a great starting point for us to help realize a vision of an arts center. We will be able to use the information, and expand on it, and be able to use it for grants and other funding. ” – Ann Woodard, Executive Director of Durham Scrap Exchange

  • “MCforNC helped create a new website for the Durham Symphony for very little cost. The project needed to be cost effective and MCforNC delivered.” – Mary Sherk, Executive Director of Durham Symphony

  • “MCforNC was great. They provided a customization of Salesforce that's allowed us to grow our programs without the need for new employees.” – Heather Jones, Executive Director of DurhamCares

  • “We would have eventually launched a new website but we would have had to pay a lot more. ” – Cari DelMariani, Director of Events and Education at Kramden Institute

  • “MCforNC saved us time and money. They handled the project very well. It is wonderful to have a website so that people can check us out. ” – Libby Magee, Executive Director of JusticeMatters